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At our handling facility we are biologically handling several thousand cubic meters of liquid, solid and muddy dangerous waste material.

Our permission gives us the right to process 19.500 tons of waste yearly which capacity we are endeavouring to offer our clients fully together with the appropriate technical background.

A part of the raw material needed to the technological process is not replaced with dangerous waste, therefore we favour keeping the waste in the production circle and the exploitation of material and energy from the waste.

The rough scope of waste material usable in the technology is: waste-oil and waste of liquid fuel; waste-oil from oil-water separators, infertile material from dredging, mud from machine-processing and grinding, waste material from waste-processing facilities and waste water treatment plants, waste material from organic chemistry processes, waste material from metal-shaping and mechanical and physical surface treatment.

Our aim is by applying the technology to offer our customers a competitive solution for neutralization with securing the long-term treatment in high quantities.